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Diversity: How to tackle the ethnicity disparity problems in university

Diversity: How to tackle the ethnicity disparity problems in university

To study the education difference between BAME student and white student, there has been a ‘name-blind admissions” study to see whether the identity and ethnicity will have any influence on the admission. According to the research result, it is true that white students have more privilege while applying for university. Also, the white teenagers are the least likely group to go to university, while the students from other ethnicity have risen a lot faster. Besides, the number of black student’s lag behind their white and Asian counterparts when it comes to applying for the prestigious Russell Group which is with high-tariffs. As for the academic performance before university, it is clear that Indian and Chinese students achieve better than the black, Pakistani and Bangladeshi children.

I think the most effective way to tackle these problems is to set the fixed international student proportion while accepting students. For example, the university should accept the fixed proportion of BAME students. When it comes to the Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5-Indian and Chinese teenagers always perform better than the black, Pakistani and Bangladeshi children, in this way, after setting the fixing proportion for the admission of each ethnicity and nationality, the admission office should compare the students from the same ethnicity and select the top students in that ethnicity but not compare the academic performance of Indian students with the Black student.

As for the academic performance in university, it is apparent that white, Chinese and Indian people have a higher proportion to get the top grade and a good job than the other ethnicities, especially the Black students whose has an increasing non-continuation rate. It is true that this can be of the result of their poor pre-university academic performance. However, this also caused by the lack of confidence which is the result of the vicious circle. They didn’t perform well at first and then later, they lose confidence and interest towards the subjects. In this way, it is important for the university to pay attention to these students and offer certain help. For example, offering extra classes for those students to make sure they understand everything in the lecture. Setting the counselling centre and encourage those students privately to consult things psychological. Organized activities which are related to their home country’s traditions. The aim of these is to make those students know that they are accepted and included in this university, the university cares about them. This will gradually make the students be more confident and optimistic. For the career part, the university should ask more leading companies in the industry to hold networking event specially for those students to directly give them the chance to know clearly about what this company is about, which position is his/her best fit, what I can do to make myself fully prepared while applying this position to boost their career.

There is another reason for the low academic performance for these students-the language. People from the country whose mother tongue is not English will come across a strong language barrier which will influence their confidence and make them feel excluded when they couldn’t understand what the white people say or the white people couldn’t understand what they say because of the accent. Thus, the university should build the certain help group to tackle this problem. For example, there are students in university are majoring in Chinese, Korea or Japanese, the university should connect these language students with the students from China, Korea or Japanese to give them the chance to help each other to improve English level.

In addition, the university should set up the societies for each ethnic group and encourage the students to participate. This will make it easier for students to find someone who comes from the same background and support each other. Also, the society can be a good intermediary for university to show that they care about the student from different ethnicities to make them feel welcomed and be more confident.

All in all, though these things are becoming better for now, there still exist the wide gap in admission and performance in university. The university should continue trying their best to eliminate the gap.

Guoyu Wang

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